If you’re looking for new office space in Ottawa there are many aspects to consider, from cost and location to size and amenities. What you may not have considered are the ways in which you can make your office space as conducive to productive and creative work as possible.

The space that you provide your employees can have a vast effect on their work, and it’s important to ensure that your workplace is promoting productivity rather than hindering it. Before you sign an office space lease, think about how you can include the following elements in your workplace:

1. Provide a mix of open and closed space

Creative ideas often come about in a space where people can interact with one another and share ideas. It’s important to provide open space for both impromptu and scheduled meetings and gatherings, as well as private space where an employee can go to concentrate in a quiet place. An office space in Ottawa that provides a combination of both open and closed workspace will strike the perfect balance, and let your employees decide where and how they want to work.

2. Bring the outdoors in

Having access to natural light in a workspace is critical for keeping your employees focused and energized. When considering office space in Ottawa, be sure to pay attention to windows, and the amount of light that is naturally occurring in any office that you may be interested in. Consider filling the workplace with plants and other outdoor components to relax your employees and foster creativity.

3. Focus on air quality 

When considering an office space lease, a key question should be how the heating and ventilation works in the building. In addition to benefiting the health of your employees, ensuring that the heating and ventilation systems are properly maintained will reduce the presence of indoor air contaminants such as chemicals, dusts, molds, and odors, and improve the overall internal environment.

4. Consider Ergonomics 

An uncomfortable worker is less likely to be engaged and productive, right? Ergonomics are an essential and often overlooked aspect of office productivity, and it’s important to invest in making sure desks and computer screens are at the appropriate height, and that your employees have high quality office chairs.

If your office space in Ottawa will allow it, take this a step further and offer stand-up or treadmill desks!

5. Work in style

Your workplace should reflect your organization’s personality, culture, and overall goals, as well as your employees’ individual style. Allowing personal touches in the workplace, such as family photos, keepsakes, or even pets if your office space lease allows it, can provide motivation and inspiration.

Many of us spend more time at work than we do at home, and approaching a new office space lease with this in mind will ensure that you create a comfortable environment with the potential to promote the most innovative and original ideas!

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