The Must-Have Elements of a Great Office Space

We live in a dynamic, fast-paced world, and businesses are beginning to incorporate that into their workplaces. Office space design is rapidly changing to reflect the corporate culture and environment of the modern business, attract young talent, and embrace new technology. Executive office suites are embracing these four trends that help increase both efficiency and employee satisfaction in the workplace:


With employees having smartphones, tablets, and laptops always by their sides, it’s more important than ever to make office spaces mobile-friendly. This means executive office suites must have access to WI-FI, and deploy workstations that are compatible with multiple devices. In a business sense, it also means embracing remote workers by establishing a virtual office space. This makes your business more flexible for the needs of employees and allows them to be productive at the office, at home, and around the world.

Open Concept

More and more businesses are moving towards nonhierarchical business models where all employees are given a voice. This brings with it a corresponding trend towards encouraging open collaboration across every department in an office environment. These two ideas have led to more offices adopting an open-concept floorplan, eschewing the once-ubiquitous cubicle. Suddenly collaboration and participation have become easier than ever to achieve, as the high walls separating coworkers have been swapped out for open spaces and shared whiteboards.

Increased Efficiency

Executive office spaces are adapting to increase the efficiency of employees. This is done through minimalist workstation designs, proper use of colour and light, and using all the space available—everything has a purpose today, and clutter is slowly becoming a thing of the past.

Flexible Leases

To keep up with the fast-paced and dynamic workforce, companies are also signing short-term leases. This gives them the flexibility to increase or decrease their office space as needed, adjust the space to new business needs, and adapt to the changing work environment. Signing long-term leases locks a business into a location and format that may not be sustainable or efficient in the future. Executive office suites are meant to reflect the needs of a business, and allow it to grow—which is why shot-term leases are becoming more popular.

By being mindful of these trends as you seek out your next office space, you’ll have a better chance of finding a space that is as innovative, creative, and engaging as your business is. The right executive office suites are the ones that allow you to adapt to new challenges and business demands as needed.

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