1. Community – Whether working alone or as a member of a large company, we all need community. People to bounce ideas off of, the second set of eyes, the opportunity to work with organizations that could better your own, the benefits go on, but the benefits are simple: we aren’t alone. The hustle is easier when you can take a break, chat with a neighbour, celebrate wins and commiserate over losses. We are better together.

2. Cost savings – be strategic with your resources. Focus your budget on R&D, marketing, or talent acquisition, not overhead. With coworking, you get access to the office infrastructure you need (like WIFI,  a copier, a fax machine, an office when you need it, professional receptionists, facilities management etc) without the expense and responsibility. We handle it all.

3. Work/Life Balance – This may seem like a lofty goal, but we can help. No cats sleeping on keyboards, no kids needing your attention, you have the time and space to focus on your work.

4. Networking – it’s all about relationships. Meeting new people, connecting your business with your target audience, that is how you grow your business. We host monthly events that encourage connection, collaboration and genuine interaction. We couple it with tangible and actionable knowledge pieces with Lunch and Learns, or a cold drink at happy hour.

5. Good coffee. ‘Nuff said.

6. Location Location Location – with 4 centres across the capital region you can work where you want when you want, or where your client needs you to.

7. A step up from a coffee shop – there are times when the coffee shop, and its hustle and bustle, are not the ideal set up. Stop listening to Sally tell her friend about her perm, and instead hear Rick tell you about the new SaaS he’s launching.

8. Services advantage – access to prestigious business addresses, mail handling, phone answering – scalable virtual solutions for your business when you are ready.

9. Privacy needed? Privacy is available! Meet your clients or take that conference call in a professional office that you can rent by the hour, as needed, with no commitment.

10. All work type surfaces available – couch, personal work stations, group tables, and boardrooms for groups from 4 to 50.

The way we work is changing, and it’s changing fast. TCC Canada is dedicated to providing solutions that make sense for you.


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